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We’re visiting my family and they have 2 cats, whom Silas loves to torture. Yesterday however, one of them jumped down off of the chair (probably in fear) and Silas exclaimed “good job!”


This afternoon Macie got her 6 month shots. During dinner she was sitting in her kick and play and she began to choke. I had no idea what she could be choking on, we thought it was drool at first, til she turned a deep red, then blue. I picked her up, turned her over and patted her back, and went to “reach in” for the item. And out it came, a BAND AID! She must have taken it off her outer-upper leg and put it in her mouth. Next time the band aids come off asap.

Silas has been telling me lately when he has to go…so since it’s warm out he’s been running around the house with no diaper. In the last few weeks when he’s had to go, he will start to whimper a little. That’s my cue to take him to his little potty.
This morning he went in the little potty all by himself, without whimpering! Great job, and so he was rewarded with a pez candy straight from the dispenser!
The potty is downstairs, because that’s where we are most of the day. This morning, after the successful potty use, we were upstairs. I was cleaning and Silas was running around. Suddenly I heard him say, Pee Pee! Pee Pee!…and off he ran into his room. Well I never noticed how much a diaper champ (diaper pail) could look like a potty. I heard the lid pop up and I knew what was going on. I ran in his room only to find him peeing at the champ. (He’s too short to pee in it)!
I have to give it to him, the champ is the same exact blue and white colors of the little potty!

Please post any potty training hints you may have for us! Thanks

This morning I was making breakfast for Silas and he came into the kitchen calling out “Pancakes, where aaaaaaare you?”

Yesterday I was throwing a couple of empty boxes down from the attic. Silas was around and he said to me, “Honey! Honey! You’re makin’ a mess!”

Yesterday we were out on the deck and Silas was in his little tykes car, and Macie in her seat. Macie is going through a growth spurt and drinking alot, therefore has alot of um..gas. So Macie was being very musical. After a few sessions Silas leaned out of the car door, looked at Macie and said (four times, with much expression)… O My Gooness!!!!

One day Silas was holding “eyes” and we asked him where eyes was. Silas ran away and came back with Kermit the frog in one hand and eyes in the other hand. His mama isn’t raising no dummy. lol

Who is “eyes” anyway? Eyes is a green stuffed frog that Silas is absolutely attached to. He calls him “eyes” because he has googly eyes and because “frog” is too hard for a 1 year old to say, which is about how old Silas was when he cracked us up by looking for “eyes”. We had no idea what he was talking about until we saw his happy face when he found his frog.

We all know kids love to repeat!! Silas will run around the house and randomly say “Stop it!!!!!” The other day Macie was crying and Silas got out of his little car, came over to her and asked “Was do pob em?” (what’s the problem) I am sure that he picked up these phrases from me. I will make a better effort by grace to have more pleasant words 🙂

Summertime is here and Silas is all beat up. In the past few weeks he has fallen down in the driveway and scraped his head, jumped off the bed onto the floor and gotten rug burn (on his face), been hit in the forehead with a wiffle bat(leaving a bump and bruise), walked into the corner of a desk (almost injuring his eye), been bitten in the ear by another child, had countless knee scrapes and tumbled down the stairs. Good thing it didn’t happen all in one day!