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Last week, my sister was visiting an we took the kids to the New England Aquarium. Everytime we saw another window to the aquarium, Silas would run up and say about the fish, “Oh, they’re SOOO CUTE!!!” (even sharks) Then everyone at the window would laugh. One grandmother (from the deep, friendly south) even picked him up! He would count the fish ONE! TWO! THREE! FOURA! He loved the penguins, they really were so cute, and so was my little boy 🙂 I think he wore my sister out though, with all of the running after him! Thanks Lins, for the great time we had together in Boston 😉


We’ve been using a pez dispenser to reward potty training efforts. My son had the empty one today. It’s a tiger head. He was looking at it from all angles and said “tiger!” Then he pulled it straight up and it locked into refill mode and he said “big tiger!” Then he turned it around and said “giraffe!” Well, yeah it did look like a long neck!!??!

Tonight I gave the kids a bath and at one point called to ask my husband to bring a towel. I called out “Hey Babe…”
Later, after his bath, Silas said “I go downstairs, see daddy”. I answered, “Yes Silas, you can go down and see daddy.” Silas ran downstairs, excited and yelled the whole way, “Hey babe!”

About three months after Silas was born, my hair started to fall out due to hormonal changes which are a normal part of the pregnancy process. I commented on it to my husband. One day he was in the other room and I got an idea for a practical joke. I cleaned out my hairbrush and hid the ball of hair up underneath my hair near my scalp. Then I went into the room where he was and I said honey, I just can’t believe how much hair is falling out of my head. While I said this, I reached up into my hair and grabbed the hairball and pulled it out. You should have seen his face. Hilarious! He looked so horrified! I’m glad it wasn’t actually falling out in large clumps like that 🙂

We stayed with some friends in Delaware Sunday night. From their 3rd floor apt., we could see the fireworks. We had a great view. Silas loved the show. It was fun listening to his responses… “cool!”…”wow”…”pitty”… and when he heard the booms he said “dum” (drum)… and when a green star pattern came up he said…”pickle!”