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S: “Mom, I want some more ango?”
M: “You want more Mango?”
S: “More ango.”
M: ” It’s Mango. Say Moon”
S: “Moon”
M: “Say MMMMango”
S: “Ango!”
M: “Say MMMoon”
S: “MMMoon”
M: “Say MMMMice”
S: “MMMice”
M: “Say MMMango”
S: “Ango”
M: “It’s MMango”
S: “It’s ANGO!”


Today Silas said, “Where is my other shoe?”… just like that, so clear. Not “shoe, shoe?”, not “where’s shoe”, but “where is my other shoe?”. Where is my little baby?????

Today we had an appointment and on the way there my friend Lisa turned around to see Silas (in his carseat on the left next to the door, facing forward) and Macie (ditto, right, facing rear), contentedly holding hands across the back seat. (sigh)

According to Silas grapes are good-licious!

Tonight we took Silas and Macie for a wagon ride. Russell and I were talking while he pulled the radio flyer and we heard Silas say “Flashlight!”, “Flashlight”, “Flashlight”!
Finally I turned around to see what he was talking about only to find him looking directly into the sun.

Silas loves books, as I mentioned before. We’ve been reading him “Go Dog, Go” by P. D. Eastman. This morning He decided to “read” it himself. He saw the scooter and said “go dogs, go…go by scooter!”…then the skis “go by skis” then he saw this…

and said…”Go by LEMON!”

1. He is affectionate and loves to cuddle in the a.m.
2. He is chivalrous (He takes care of Macie, feeding her cheerios, bringing her toys on his own initiative, making her laugh)
3. He is silly and we have no idea where he gets it 🙂
4. He is a thinker. Loves mechanical concepts like dad
5. He is laid back (I prayed he would have daddy’s disposition)
6. His eyes (steel blue with a little hazel)
7. He loves people, always asks about and for certain ones especially “Kids”!
8. He has a happy disposition
9. His curly hair
10. He loves books
*one more…his laugh sounds like a song to me

1. She has her daddy’s steel blue eyes (and a tiny bit of my hazel)
2. When she scrunches up her nose and sniffs real hard, real fast…then laughs!
3. She’s always happy.
4. She has thin wispy hair and has since birth, perfect for a bow up on top
5. She’s a feminine baby, no one asks if she’s a boy
6. She has tiny feet and features
7. She always smiles back at me
8. She likes to sing, and will sing along anytime anyone else does
9. She thinks Silas is the funniest kid around
10. She is very energetic and bold

This morning at breakfast:
Me (holding Macie): Good Morning, little girl
Silas (eating cheerios at the table): Good Morning Macie!
Me: We love you Macie!
Silas: Jesus loves you little girl.

Last night we were getting ready to go for a walk, and it was a little chilly, so I dressed Macie in her sweatshirt with her hoodie. When I put the hoodie on, she grabbed it and tried to put it off of her head. First she used one hand, then grabbed it with both hands and pulled. She was so determined, she pulled, pulled, pulled it right off her body. Then she just looked at us, with her tuft of hair all messy, like “okay, now what?” We got out the video camera, and she repeated the whole thing, so precious!