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Watching a home video from the farm…
Silas: a chicken!
Me: that’s right, it’s a rooster!
Silas: (pause) I think it’s a chicken.

Riding in the wagon on the way home from the pond…
Silas: a plane!
Daddy: that’s venus.
Mommy: it looks like a star doesn’t it?
Silas: (pause) I think it’s a rocket.


Macie is crawling!!! She crawled a very little the day before yesterday, a little yesterday, and alot today!
And…Silas is well on his way to being potty trained. We’re just doing diapers at night and he has done very very well. Even at walmart and the library!
Go Silas! Go Macie!

Last night we were celebrating my birthday and after singing and having cake, Silas said “you so pitty (pretty) mama, so pitty”.