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The other day Silas came to us and said “Can I have a pound of cheese?”
I guess we’ve made too many trips to the deli!


Silas: (at the store, for the 3rd time) Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom
Russell: again, are you sure? are you positive?
Silas: No, I am a CHILD!

Today Silas and I were listening to music and I was pointing out to him the different instruments in the song.
Then he said “God made music!”
I said “Yes, he did”
Then he looked at me and said “Did Adam and Eve have music?”

Tonight at the craft store Silas saw a Santa with a crown and he said “Look, Daddy, it’s Jesus!”
My husband said “No son, that’s not Jesus”
Silas: “But Daddy, he’s wearing a crown!”

Tonight Silas saw the moon. We all did! It was very low and very full, and very beautiful!
As we rode in the car, we all kept an eye on the moon and when it was hidden behind trees or a building, we looked for it.
Then we got on one stretch of road, where we were able to see the moon for a long time. It looked liked the moon was following us. Silas noticed that too and said “The moon’s going for a ride!”

I said to Silas yesterday…. “You are soooo CUTE!”
Silas said, “Oh! thank you very very much!”