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Here are some of our favorite games to play with Silas and Macie.

The object of this one is not to spill the beans, obviously 🙂 Players take turns placing one bean each on the tray until it tips! The kids love it, but be careful with the little ones if they like to put stuff in their mouths! Macie and Silas do pretty well with this one.

This game is super fun. It’s a memory game. You push the pooh in the center and the cups containing the other pooh characters rotate (to music). The characters pop up and down, peeking out of their cups. When the music stops all of the characters hide. Then you turn over a card and try to remember where that specific character is. Sounds difficult, but it’s really easy and fun!



This morning Silas was in his chair and ready to eat his pancakes when he said “Scoot me up, mama!” I said “Ok, what do we say?” Silas said, “Please mama can I have some scoot-me-up?”

Silas came into the room where I was sitting, and I could see him chewing on something. So here was our conversation:
M: “Silas, what are you eating?”
S: “An ant.”
M: “You ate an ant?”
S: “Just one.”
M: “You ate an ant!?”
S: “Winnie the Pooh eats bumblebees.”
M: “No, I think Pooh eats honey!”

Last week I planned pizza and jello for a “fun night” When I informed Silas what the menu would be he said,”OHH Mama, you’re SOOOOOOOO SMART!