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This morning I was making breakfast, and Silas asked me what we were having. I said “French Toast!” He said, “Oh Fresh Chops? I love fresh chops!”


Silas was playing with Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Carrot Head. I heard him say in an angry voice “hey, where’s my face?” and “I’m gonna take your hat off!”

Macie received a “littlest pet shop” kitty and carrier from grandmom. She stood the kitty on the carrier and said, “kitty’s praising!” Silas said indignantly, “kitty cats do NOT praise the Lord.”

We were eating one of Silas’ favorite dinners, fish! He said to us, “When I grow bigger I will cook fish….” “and when you grow little….I’m going to push you in a stroller.” (That would be a wheelchair, son)