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The other day Silas asked me what the tweezers were for. I said, “oh, they are for my eyebrows.” He said, “oh, and for taking bugs off my back?” 🙂 He remembered us taking a tick off of him back in the summertime.


I asked Silas if he knew what a pilgrim was. He said it’s a vegetable.

Silas has a Ravens stadium jacket. I said to him, “Come here so I can put on your Ravens jacket.” He said “Oh and my raisins hat?” I guess it’s the purple and black.

Today Silas asked his Daddy for a drink. Russell said “I’ll get you a drink in a minute.” Silas exclaimed “Daddy, that’s not very compassionate!”

Last weekend we took the kids to their first movie at the theatre. Then on Tuesday I was taking Silas out for ice cream. This was our conversation in the car on the way.
M: Do you want to go to Target or McDonald’s for ice cream?
S: I want to go to Scream.
M: You want to get Ice Cream?
S: I want to get Ice Cream at the Scream.
M: What do you mean?
S: The big TV Scream.
M: Oh, the movies? You want to get ice cream at the movies???? {Lots of laughing}

The other day the kids and I went to the mall. We were making a quick dash into two stores. The kids have never been to this particular mall, and have only been to a mall one other time. When we got to the center of this large mall, Silas exclaimed “I can NOT believe this is a post office!” (I guess it was the brick exterior)