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Silas was watching the men pick up our garbage today and throw it on the truck. He said to me, “that was very very kind (of them)!”


Tonight I was playing on my new laptop 😀 and my husband was going downstairs to get his pocket pc charger. I said can you bring mine? He said “your what?” I replied, “my plugger” (my cord to the laptop). Just then Silas called me from his bed, “Maaahhhm!” I said, “I’ll be in in a minute to plug you in.” (meant to say tuck)

Tonight I asked Macie to come upstairs. She was taking a while so I said, “Come quick!”. She replied “I am quicking!”

We just celebrated Macie’s 2nd birthday. We had a wonderful time thinking about how good God has been in giving us this sweet girl.
Well last week she saw the box of cake mix. She carried it to us and said, “Please can we open this and sing happy birthday to me?”

This past week we took the kids out to look out the lights. We drove through the neighborhood very slowly, oohing and ahhing all the way. Here’s some comments from our little ones…

S: “The lights are pretty”
M: “Their boo-i-ful Silas, boo-i-ful!”

S: “Woooow, look at all the deer (mechanical light up)
M: “look at all the deers”
S: “Their looking at us”
M: “Their not liking me-e”

Me: “How can there be so many lights out here?
Macie: “I don’t kno-oh”

They saw a giant plastic Santa on a lawn.
Silas asked “What’s that guy doing out there?”

We also told them we were taking them to the dollar store to buy gifts for each other, to wrap and give away.
He said “oh yeah, like buzz lightyear, we’ll wrap him and give him away…..or not.” (he saw buzz, unwrapped, which is supposed to be one of his gift)

Macie was eating a graham cracker with peanut butter on it. She asked me a question that sounded like: “Mommy um oooh um peanut butter um ooom?” I asked her what she said. Silas answered me “she said,” then in a high pitched voice and squinched up cheeks and eyes he said “Mommy can I take my peanut butter cracker downstairs and wipe my messy hands all over the carpet?”

My husband was driving and made a last minute decision to stop at a red light. From the back seat Silas pipes up “ERRT!” My husband echoed him “errt.” Silas says, “Daddy what does errrt mean?”