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M: You look GREAT this morning mommy.
S: You do look pretty mommy.


Macie asked if we could read this book, “Breakfast for Skunk!”

We were at the grocery store the other day and Silas picked up a lint roller and started carrying it around. He was banging on things and such. Then he stops in the middle of a large aisle and looks around at all the shoppers, and says very loudly into his lint roller microphone “DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW JESUS??!!” Then he looked at me and said “Do they mom?” I was speechless, and before I could say anything, the woman in front of us said, “That’s what I like to hear.” She asked how old he was and he shared with her his recent memory verse. She got tears in her eyes. She said she was so blessed to hear such things, and that he should “keep it up.” So we parted ways, only to run into this woman again a few minutes later. She said “I called my boyfriend to tell him about your son. I was a police officer for 7 years and now I work with the department of social services. I haven’t seen everything, but I’ve seen alot and I can’t tell you how much it blesses me to hear him speak about Jesus. What church do you go to?” When I told her, she asked me if she could come and visit. So she assured me that she was coming the week after next. My son is a very typical 3 year old, and I was amazed at how God used him in an extraordinary way!

It was windy today as we were getting into the car. My grocery list blew away without me realizing it. After I got the kids settled in their seats and I jumped into the driver’s seat, Macie said “Mommy, your list. I see your list.” I said “where?” She was looking over between the houses where it must have blown out of sight. “Oh well” I sighed. Silas pipes up, “Maybe the lady at the store can give you a new one.” I laughed out loud. He said “I’m serious.”

I was teaching my little ones to “freeze” dance. So I explained…when the music stops, you need to stop, you need to freeze, ok? ok.
Music stops, Silas rubs his arms, vibrates his lips, and says “I’m freeeeezzing.” Funny thing is he was serious.

My husband was reading a children’s book “Jesus Coming Back” to Silas and Macie. He said “Jesus is coming back! Isn’t that exciting?” Silas said “Yeah! And when he does I’m going to show him all my new toys!” And Macie said “we can show Him Buzz Lightyear!”

Poor Silas has dry skin all over the backs of his legs. I put Cetaphil on him tonight before bed. He begin to cry right away. I asked him if it burned and he said yes. So I put him in the tub and rinsed the lotion off and while I was drying him, he said “Mommy, is the fire going to come back?”

S: When I grow up, I’m going to be a big man!
M: When I grow up, I’m going to be a big PINK man!

“I love you ever mommy, I love you ever. I love you ever mommy, I love you ever.”

In the Walmart Parking Lot:

M: woo woo we’re trains, Silas
S: no Macie, we’re not trains we’re kids. And mommy is a big mommy because she loves us.