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Tonight we took the kids to a bookstore that has a kiddie play area. They were playing with the Thomas trains. There were hundreds of Thomas and friends trains on the wall in the packages. When it was time to leave, Silas was sad. I said “don’t worry buddy, we’ll come here again.” He said “and we’ll bring scissors to open all those toys!”


Last night we made a chocolate pound cake in a bundt pan for guests who were coming over. Silas was sitting at the table and I showed him the cake, “Isn’t it pretty?” I said. He said, “Yes, just bring it over here (tapping on the table) and set it down right on the table!”

I asked Russell a question and he said “negative”
Macie piped up “we don’t say ‘negative’ daddy”

Silas brought his inflatable globe to me today and said “Mommy, would you blow up my world?”

We were at the mall and decided to go downstairs. Since we had the stroller we decided to ride down. Macie says “Mommy, are we going to ride the alligator?”

My husband likes to juggle. He’s pretty good actually. Little known fact. Anyway the other night he was playing with Silas, tossing him around and stuff. Silas laughs and says jokingly “Daddy, I’m not a juggling ball!”

This morning we were making blueberry muffins and Macie tried to stick her finger in the batter. I asked her not to. Then she climbed up on the table while my back was toward her and stuck her finger right into the batter. Here’s our conversation

Me: Macie, did you stick your finger in the bowl?
M: mmm hmm
Me: Didn’t I tell you not to do that?
M: mmm hmm
Me: Macie, the Bible says to obey your parents right?
M: mmm hmm, Jesus will forgive me!

Tonight in Target, Silas picked up a red beaded heart coaster. He asked me “Mommy, did Jesus give me this happy heart?” Then holding out another coaster he said “Here mommy, here’s a happy heart for you.”
Don’t you know I (the non-pack-rat, throw-it-all-away-girl) bought that little coaster for $1.99 and will probably keep it forever.