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We put a Clifford the Big Red Dog bandaid on Macie tonight. She jumped up and down singing to the tune of the theme song… “I love Clifford, the big red bandaid!”


Today in Walmart (sorry, Beth) the lady in front of us engaged Silas in conversation about what we were buying. She said “oh, those are nice flowers, are you going to help mommy plant them?”
S: “No, we’re just going to leave them in that pot”
L: “Oh that’s smart. Good idea.”
S: “Our daddy is going to be so happy, he’s going to be surprised at these flowers”
L: “That’s nice”
S: “Yeah. We have a nice daddy.”
Indeed you do!

We were at a restaurant having lunch with my mom and Silas wanted to have dessert. I told him he could have it after he ate his macaroni and cheese. He picked up one noodle and ate it and said “Mommy I ate a macaroni and chee, ate one macaroni and chee”
I guess that’s the singular form 😉

Russell pointed out some bird houses in our community and the birds that were going in and out of them. He explained to Silas that the birds go in there and eat. Silas said “oh, to their restaurant to eat pizza?” triple-birdhouse.jpg

Recently I bought several things for some baby showers. The other day Silas came downstairs and announced very proudly, “We’re going to have a baby soon, a new little baby, and I’m going to hold him.” I said “Oh really, why do you think that?” “Because,” he said “there’s new baby stuff in the bag upstairs.” He was so excited that it broke my heart to tell him “no, we’re not really going to have a new baby.”

So I was telling Russell the story and he said to Silas, “if we ever have a new baby, you’d have to share Buzz Lightyear, could you do that?”
S: “Yes, I would daddy!”
R: “Oh, well I’m very happy to hear that son.”
S: “Yes, daddy, but I don’t think the baby will like Buzz.”