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Yesterday Silas had a virus and was throwing up. Later in the day, auntie Lindsay came to visit and we all made ice cream cones. I gave Silas the last popsicle instead. He was asking about having an ice cream and I explained to him that the doctor didn’t want him to have milk, which is in ice cream. Macie piped up “The Doctor said I could have an ice cream cone!” …well….

Silas asked Lindsay about her ice cream and she said “I have an ice cream because my stomach is not upset”
Silas replied “My stomach’s upset, because he wants an ice cream.”


I forgot to post this last year, but I was reminded about it during the bees post.

We made cookies last Christmas to give out to our neighbors. It was a good opportunity to meet people since we were new to the neighborhood and it was winter.
So while we were prepping the kids to take the cookies out, they were really concerned that the neighbors then give us our cookies back, so that we could eat them. My husband did a great job explaining to them about cheerful giving and being others focused and so on.
So….when we came back from giving out the cookies (we did let the kids have some of the ones we made, but primarily wanted them to be giving) our good friend Denise stopped by, with tons of cookies for us and more kinds than you can imagine. Way better than the cookies we made. Anyway, it was a great moment to explain how God always gives us way more than we give him.

Maybe it’s too early, but I told the kids that we are expecting another baby, and that it’s in mommy’s belly! Thus began a slew of questions, comments and reflections that are way too cute not to post!

I explained that there was a little teeny weeny tiny baby inside mommy’s belly that would come out after Christmas. We talked about how it would grow and grow and they would one day feel the baby kick.

So Silas asks me “Where’s the door?” (to get out). I just laughed and patted him on the back and said “that’s a good one, where’s the door” He laughed too and then asked again “Where’s the door?” I didn’t answer.

Then I was reading a pregnancy book and Silas wanted to see the picture. Of course the baby is not clothed so Silas asked me if the baby is cold. “no” I replied.
S: “But if you eat a popsicle, then the baby will be cold and you will have to swallow some clothes” logical.

We were talking about going somewhere and Macie asked if the baby was going and I said yes. Then she said “You can just spit him out and put him in the car.” novel idea.

And of course everytime I eat, they say “Are you feeding the baby?”

I don’t know what they think when I throw up 🙂

Silas saw this geek squad car today and said “Wow! Look at that ice cream race car!” A combo between lightning mcqueen and the ice cream man I guess.


Silas was taking a nap today (rare these days) and while he was still sleeping I wiped the sweat from his forehead and said “You’re all hot and sweaty.” He rolled over and said “yeah and big and strong too…zzzz.”

Today was so beautiful we went to the park. Silas was stung by a bee a few weeks ago at this same park. There were alot of bumble bees there today.
I looked up to see him at the top of the slide, hands folded, head bowed, eyes closed, praying: “Lord Jesus, please make the bees go away. Lord Jesus please do not let the bees sting me. In Jesus name, amen.”