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Yesterday Macie said “The raindrops on my umbrella sound like a drum!”

The day before, Silas’ shirt ripped up the side and I asked Russell what happened? Silas heard us, but he didn’t know where the rip was. Later he said “My shirt is ripped.” He was pointing to the spaces between his buttons : )


Tonight we were getting the kids ready for bed when Macie ran into her room and shut the door….and locked it. My husband said, “Macie, open the door”. To which she replied “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.” “Open the door” he said firmly. “Are you a wolf?” Macie answered. “No” Russell replied. “Oh, (opening the door) I thought you were a wolf”


a few weeks ago Silas saw a picture like this and he said “When the baby is ready to come out, he’ll just grab the rope (umbilical cord) and blast off!!!

Today he saw this picture and said that (the light) was shining (on the baby) because my mouth is open 🙂

Silas and I went to Aldi’s yesterday, and I was reaching in the cold case for yogurt. Silas said “hey mom, th th that man in th th the black shirt…. (I thought he recognized him)…..he, he, he looks just like Mater (right, the truck from cars). Silas wasn’t laughing, he was serious. The man didn’t hear him. I never would have thought it, but he did. I was crying literally, with tears streaming down my face, making sobbing noises, in Aldis. It took several minutes before I could stop laughing and Silas never even smiled.mater_800x600.jpg