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Recently my mom made Si a sandwich and he specified he did not want peanut butter. She said “Oh, are you done with that peanut butter business?” He said “Yeah, I”m done with that cheese business too!”


Russell took the kids out to get ice cream. The next day Si told me that when they went out, they were listening to “Jasmine” in the car. “Mom, no words just music…Jasmine”
I said “you mean jazz?” He said, “no, jasmine!”

My husband often shows our children pictures of soldiers, tanks, etc. My son loves the soldiers and wants to be a tough soldier. Recently, we went to a military museum and there were some soldiers working on the museum.
One young uniformed man was vacuuming the steps in his fatigues. Macie saw him and said “That’s silly, soldiers cleaning!” I guess she only sees mom vacuuming (and occasionally dad) but never a soldier. More reason to respect them!

Addy’s first tooth broke through yesterday, her bottom left one. I felt it scrape my finger tip when she was gnawing on it!