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tonight at the nature trail…
Macie: Do bats eat three-year-olds? I am a three-year-old and I’m scared the bats are going to eat me.

Silas heard a strange siren and asked me what it was. I told him it was a police siren. He looked at me and said “or an owl”.


We began kindergarten at home and here’s a few funnies from Silas:

me: where’s the other continent?
Silas: Maybe we lost it.

Silas: When God made our insides, did He think they were yukky?

The other morning I woke up to find Macie in our bed. She said “Mommy, I was snardin’.” “What’s that?”
“When you were sleeping, I sneaked in here…I was snardin'”

This morning the kids were talking about dinosaurs. Silas informed us that dinosaurs lived long before we did, but they’re all gone now. He also told us that dinosaurs had very bad eye sight. Macie said “Yeah, they can’t see and they are ugly.”