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Yesterday while we were having our Thanksgiving feast, Silas asked, “How does the store catch the turkey?”


I was telling Silas about how I came to faith in Jesus and I was telling him I used to disobey everything God said.
He asked me if I lied. I said “Oh, yes all the time”
He then asked me if I lived in the Belgian Congo.
I laughed and asked him why he asked me that.
He said “Because not a single person tells the truth in the Belgian Congo. They all lie.”
Of course I had to ask where he heard that!
“Pippy Longstocking” he answered.

Monday morning Silas woke up and asked where his daddy was. I was feeling ornery and we had this conversation:
M: I got rid of him
S: are you kidding? he’ll be back
M: no, I took him far away where he can’t find his way back
S: you mean Egypt?! …. you took him to the desert?
M: he went to work J

Macie and I were preparing the kitchen for our dinner guest. I told Macie that our dinner guest does not have a wife or children. She said “He has no WIFE? no CHILDREN? no BABY? …. Is he a poor man?”
I answered her, “Well, no, he has Jesus and so he’s rich. A man with no family is called a single man. Daddy used to be single until he found me.”
Macie answered back, “And then you married yourselves and found some children?”