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Silas: Why doesn’t Grandma have a doorbell mom?
Me: I don’t know
Silas: (skipping away) Maybe ‘cuz she lost it.


Yesterday morning Silas said, “Hey mom, my head is coming out of my shirt like smoke from a volcano.”

The other day at lunch Silas asked me what “operate” means. After explaining, Macie asked me what “salvation” means. I explained that it means to be saved from something. I told her that we use it in reference to being saved from our sins, death, and God’s wrath. Silas said, “Well Jesus wasn’t saved.” I told him “No, that’s right, he wasn’t. He could have called the angels to help him. But he chose to die in our place, to take God’s wrath in our place.” Of course, he defeated sin, death, and hell and completely absorbed God’s wrath. I continued, “Jesus chose not to be saved, so that we could be saved.”
Then Macie exclaimed “Jesus’ ideas worked-ded.” Amen Macie.