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Yesterday we started watching Sarah, Plain and Tall. In the beginning of the movie there’s a scene that shows Sarah on the train. Macie asked me “who’s that, Mom?” I said “Sarah.” Then she asked, “Where’s Plain?”


We were watching a comedy show that was a little over Silas’ head. Once in a while the audience would laugh and Silas would look at me and ask what they were laughing at. You could tell he wanted to laugh too. At one point someone said “God bless you”. Silas cracked up, but no one else did. I asked him what was so funny about that, and he snarfed and said “that man didn’t even sneeze!”

Silas asked me for help to get the gum out of his hair. We were at the park so I told him when we got home I would try the peanut butter trick. A few minutes later he said “I tried to stick my gum behind my ear to save it for later.” “Really, who taught you that Si?” I asked. “The girl on Willy Wonka.”