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Addy: “Daddy, I keep forgetting to ask you for ONE present.”
Russell: “What’s that?”
Addy: “An axe.”
Russell: “What do you need an axe for?”
Addy: “Why, to cut down trees, of course.”
Russell: “Why do you want to do that?”
Addy: “Because it’s easier than ripping them down with your hands.”


There’s an elderly couple we know and I was trying to think of the husband’s name. Silas seriously thought it was “raisin”

Ava is strumming the guitar singing, “It’s not my birthday, oh it’s not my birthday…” must be the blues!

Ava gets Eeyore and Horse mixed up and calls donkeys, horses and Eeyore “HeeHor”

She also calls me her baby duck, because I call her my baby duck. “You’re my baby duck, Mama”

Throat Sniggles (Post Nasal Drip)

Rice Frisbee (Rice Krispy Treats)

Silas: “Will you help me pick a wife when I grow up, Mom?”

Me: “Of course!”

Silas: “Just make sure she’s not old….’cuz I don’t want to marry her and the next day, ya know, she dies.”

Addy asked Russell if squirrels poop. He said yes. She said “but they have tails!!??”


Addy picked up a piece of paper and said “Mommy this says ‘I love you and thank you for picking me from the store’.


Addy (2) told us that the drops of water on the outside of her window were “mysterious”. Such a big word sounded so cute coming from her chubby lispy toddler lips.

I asked Addy to shut the fridge and she sang back to me “Yes, your majesty!”